Welcome to Austria - your meeting destination in the heart of Europe

Welcome to Austria

WE KNOW, THAT YOU KNOW Austria has exceptionally modern infrastructure powered by cutting-edge technology and world-class knowledge hubs, all fostering prosperity across all industries. None more so than our Meetings & Convention sector, which covets a fabulous country-wide portfolio of modern event centres, alongside historical heritage and unique venues, which have inspired our delegates and clients in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Our public transport system connects all 9 Austrian provinces domestically and internationally, wiht our central location in the heart of Europe bordering no less than eight countries, as a bonus. With this solid foundation, we have the expertise, professionalism and creative inspiration to deliver your “Meetings the Austrian Way”; let you feed-off innate Austrian characteristics we are proud of and let clients/delegates enjoy the ‘journey’ as much as the ‘meetings’ objectives, throughout their stay; this, we believe, will not only positively influence the overall goals of your event, but go far beyond that framework. Our historical, cultural and creative influences synergise with nature, wellness and sustainability, which have all played a key part in defining our nation. In essence, we hope our MICE industry guests become ‘honorary Austrians’ whilst staying within our borders; combining these elements, we will define and deliver the success of your MICE event and just maybe elevate everyone’s physical and mental wellbeing on top! 

Sandra Neukart, COO Austrian National Tourist Office

Convention News 2023

Austria is easy to get to, impresses with its nature, has an active cultural scene and is known for its excellent cuisine. But organisers and participants also value the Austrian sense of hospitality. Whether at the conference locations or hotels, the hosts create an atmosphere that makes meetings a success, with warmth, attention, experience and professionalism. 

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Why meetings in Austria?

“Meetings the Austrian Way” may well be our tagline, but it is packed with meaning and when broken-down it holds the keys to providing every type of MICE event with the special ingredients that only Austria can provide. The ‘Austrian Way’ reflects the characteristics of the nation and people. It reflects our happiness (Gemütlichkeit); in the last World Happiness Report, Austria landed in eleventh place out of 156 countries surveyed.   

Whether hosting a meeting or event in the world’s most livable city Vienna, or within the undulating wine regions of the eastern provinces, on the shores of a lake or in view of an alpine meadow, below a soaring snowcapped mountain summit, our core values and characteristics hold strong; happiness, cooperation, formality, respect and reverence for our environment, art, music and culture. Our aim is to ensure that when Austria hosts a MICE event anywhere in the country these characteristics are the cornerstone of its success. 

5 more reasons for meetings in Austria.

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