Brand equity

How does every encounter succeed? With passion!

What is it that has made Austria a sought-after location for meetings or conferences for years? One is inclined to cite the obvious reasons first - such as the central location in the middle of Europe or the impressive natural scenery that provides inspiration away from the professional program.

But there is another decisive factor that attracts more and more organisers to Austria year after year: The passion with which the domestic hosts are committed to making every encounter a successful one - be it between business partners or customers, seminar guests or event visitors. The role of host is simply in the blood of the people in Austria - after all, they have around 200 years of experience in it. You can sense this in many little things: The attentiveness with which individual wishes are catered for. Or the charming manner, which contributes a lot to making visitors feel at home right from the start. Moreover, the pleasant combination of cordiality and professionalism creates the perfect setting for new encounters, insights and inspirations. No wonder that most companies that once choose Austria as the location for their event do so again and again.

The core story of the brand

A relaxed way of life and lots of charm

Austria is not only a popular holiday destination. It is also attracting more and more business people. The reason? The hosts' relaxed way of life, which reveals itself in their cordial manner, a soothing composure and infectious enjoyment! In Austria, people simply know how to savour the pleasant aspects of the moment to the full. And it is precisely this special cosiness that helps to lighten the atmosphere of any business event and quickly break the ice.

Add to this the legendary charm for which the Austrians are known far beyond their borders - which even has a historical basis: In imperial Austria, many peoples such as Germans, Czechs, Hungarians, Slovaks and Bosnians came together. In the spirit of good togetherness, these so different people developed a very special ability: namely to look out for each other and to compromise - with a twinkle in their eyes if they like.

Profound professionalism and dedication

Those who have been accommodating travellers from all over the world for over 200 years know exactly what is important. Especially since the valuable experience is often passed down through generations. Many establishments in Austria are still family-owned. But even if many things have changed over time: The dedication with which the local hosts respond to individual wishes and ideas has remained the same - or rather even grown, as numerous surveys show.

This combination of competence and passion, complemented by the excellently developed infrastructure and the professional operational offer - both in the cities and in the rural areas - makes Austria, the country of meetings, a particularly reliable partner.  In addition, the hosts also like to be innovative and help make events just that little bit more creative.

The meeting place in the heart of Europe

Can one imagine a better place for inspiring encounters than a country that has always seen itself as a bridge builder? After the end of the Danube Monarchy, in which the most diverse peoples and cultures were united with each other, this trait was particularly evident in the then already lively tourism - and in the lively relations with the neighbours to the east. In the post-war period, Austria was able to further expand its role as a central meeting place in Europe: Vienna was not only the venue of the World Power Conference in 1956, but also of important summit meetings such as the one between Kennedy and Khrushchev. In 1979, the federal capital even became the third metropolis of the United Nations with the opening of the UN City. And with the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989, the country finally moved from the "edge to the centre of Europe".

Austria's central location is also of great economic advantage - it provides optimal access to the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. Not only the proximity to all important cities of the CEE countries ensures their quick accessibility, but also the perfectly developed domestic infrastructure with around 2,000 km of motorways and motorways, a dense network of rail and air connections as well as the Danube waterway.

In the midst of natural paradises

Whether it's a meeting, conference or congress: two special guests that should never be missing are called deceleration and inspiration. The fact that they are guaranteed in Austria is due to the magnificent natural landscapes that are quickly accessible from everywhere. They fascinate with their unspoilt nature and diversity. Whether in the hilly wine country, on the shore of a picturesque lake or on a flowering alpine meadow - in no time at all you can absorb the most diverse impressions and recharge your batteries. An excellent setting not only as a supporting program, but also for possible integration into the event concept.

A country with tradition and a future

Like hardly any other country in Europe, Austria is characterised by cultural peculiarities, styles and influences that date back to the time when it was a true melting pot of the most diverse peoples. Much of this diversity has been preserved to this day and blended together in a unique synthesis. As the cultural centre of Central Europe, however, it is not only looking back but also always looking forward: this exciting combination of tradition and innovation will continue to give rise to world-class artistic and cultural achievements in the future.

Stability brings security

Not only the cultural uniqueness, but also the high stability of the country ensures a successful path into the future. Thanks to its neutrality, Austria is free of alliance partnerships, but at the same time it is a member of the UN, the OECD and the EU, which makes it a place to come together economically and diplomatically. It is not surprising that this pleasant feeling of security also has a positive effect on people's life satisfaction: in the "World Happiness Report" surveyed by Gallup, Austria - in 12th position out of a total of 156 - ranks among the international leaders.

Investing in tomorrow

With continuously increasing expenditures for research and development, Austria is at the forefront of Europe as a future-oriented region. The many high-tech exports and the flourishing creative industries also speak for themselves. And as far as new start-ups are concerned, Vienna was even ranked 6th among the 10 most popular start-up cities worldwide by the renowned online portal Tech Cocktail. Incidentally, no other city in the German-speaking world has more students than here. And Austria is also above the EU average in terms of human resources in science and technology: proof of how much importance is attached to these areas. All in the spirit of a promising future - and equally successful future conferences and seminars that will be held here.