Außenaufnahme - Tempel 74

Tempel 74

Creative meetings and workshops in a natural setting

Seminars in a relaxed atmosphere, conferences by an open fire and team-building workshops in a natural setting: in the idyllic village of Mellau in the Bregenz Forest, or to be precise, in the spacious conference facilities of the two buildings making up Tempel 74, you'll find both peace and tranquillity and a fresh creative approach. Do you have a particular interest in architectural style, design and photography? Building A and Building B together combine the charm of the local building vernacular with contemporary design and warm hospitality. Up to ten people can escape the stresses of the office and, working as a close-knit group, recharge with the vital energy that will give you fresh business ideas.

Creativity in an intimate atmosphere

Strength lies in quietness. What sounds like a worn-out cliché is indeed the fuel for productivity and creativity – and therefore for new lines of thought and inspiration at your forthcoming meeting. So why not combine the two? Tempel 74 has the solution: it's the perfect retreat for small-scale events and the ideal environment to spawn inspirational flashes of genius. The apartment complex consists of two adjacent buildings incorporating traditional farmhouse craftsmanship, including diamond-shaped windows and round shingles made of local woods. The two buildings are connected by a large inner courtyard with a sunny terrace and by a large lounge that makes the ideal conference venue. Embodying the typical cosiness of the Bregenz Forest region, with an open fire and corner seating, the room offers barrier-free access for up to ten people. For your corporate event, you can choose between classic theatre-style or U-shaped seating arrangements, and so establish an intimate environment in which to brainstorm with your guests, come up with new ideas and, in the case of team-building events, help them to become a stronger, more cohesive team.

Take a 360-degree tour of the two buildings in Vorarlberg

Click through the virtual rooms for a three-dimensional impression of Tempel 74.

Hold your meeting in comfort at Tempel 74

Wherever you look in this venue, you'll find the characteristic features of the architecture of the Bregenz Forest in every corner of both buildings. That same style defines the ten apartments, the library, the quiet area and the sauna – and also the seminar room. In the conference facilities, the modern media of flipchart and moderator's tool kit, pinboards, projector, screen and Wi-Fi are combined with traditional woodwork and cosy charm. If your corporate event lasts for more than one day, the spacious apartments in the two buildings are the perfect place for a restful night's sleep. Excellent catering will add the finishing touch to your stay: fruit, cold platters, cake and drinks are provided in the morning and afternoon. For more substantial meals, you have the option of bringing in your own food or organising a local caterer. By arrangement with the venue, you can also take advantage of the option to enjoy a delicious lunch or evening meal prepared by your personal chef in your accommodation.

Architecture combining the traditional and the modern in a natural setting

Architecture and craftsmanship are closely interwoven in the Tempel 74 apartment buildings. That's why the venue is the perfect place for both creativity and relaxation. In the village of Mellau, you will also find the classic natural features of the Bregenz Forest right on your doorstep: you can hike up the local mountain, the Kanisfluh, learn about the region in a very special way on an architectural tour of local villages or explore the natural gem of Schönenbach, home to the Jagdgasthaus Egender restaurant which serves regional specialities such as the famous Schönenbacher Käsknöpfle. In addition to all that it has to offer nature-lovers, the Bregenz Forest also boasts several museums, music festivals and architectural highlights that will add the perfect finishing touch to your business trip. And by the way, the centrepiece of the little hamlet of Tempel is the village fountain, which used to be a meeting place where women washed their laundry and animals came to drink. The new apartment buildings of Tempel 74 are situated near to it, blending in with the existing ensemble in their scale, materials and style. No wonder, then, that this venue recently won the Iconic Award 2021 for its outstanding design quality.

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Quick facts:

1. Current situation: Please note the current COVID-19 regulations in Austria.

2. Special features:

  • Technical equipment: Overhead projector, screen, Wi-Fi
  • Equipment for presentations: Flipchart with moderator's tool kit, pinboards
  • Largest room in square metres: 110
  • Good public transport connections: Yes

3. Especially suitable for:

  • Seminars and workshops
  • Conferences
  • Team-building events

4. Contact person: Evi Haller | | +43 664 40 919 11