Upper Austria

A place worth experiencing.

Upper Austria is like a well-assorted delicatessen shop, where you can get everything that makes Austria sos special. The crystal-clear lakes, for example, to dive into and feel the tingling life. Mountains and forests that awaken the wild in us. Cities that show today and tomorrow. Bubbling spas that warm and strengthen us. Paths that are happy to be followed but have not yet emerged. Upper Austria is characterized by agriculture and economical success: Skis from the Fischer brand, steel from Voest, BMW engines – spread around the world.

Upper Austria is such a delicatessen shop, where you would like to take everything with you. The summer retreat in the Salzkammergut, for example, a lively classic with no expiry date. The view from the hills of the Mühlviertel and the peaks of the Pyhrn-Priel area. The delightfully cycled curves of the Danube or the zeitgeist and charm of the cultural city of Linz.

We only need to take it. The Upper Austrians like to share. They know: what you give is what you get back. And you can never get enough of the good. The best thing is to look at everything closely. There is no best season for it, only four good ones.


City trip to the future

Linz surprises, inspires and changes: whether on the ship on the Danube, at wonderful concerts, high above the city, with the spray can in the graffiti gallery or while experimenting in the museums. Anyone who immerses himself in the unique atmosphere, always finds a reason to come back.

Visitors are swept away by the open atmosphere in the center, by the buildings from different eras, the diverse cultural offerings and by the Danube, which is more than ever part of Linz. The shores are a place of relaxation and culture at the same time: green spaces and bars invite to linger during the day, and the futuristic, illuminated facades of the museums amaze the viewers at night. Just like the exhibitions, which range from contemporary works in the Lentos Art Museum to innovative developments and projects in the Ars Electronica Center. In the Museum of the Future, technological thoughtfulness meets visionary media art.

In the industrial harbor next to the Danube river, you can see an art project of a different kind: “Mural Harbor”. It is Europe’s largest graffiti and muralism gallery with more than 100 sprayed works along the harbor basin. In the nearby industrial area, the globally known group Voestalpine Stahlwelt gives a unique insight about steel and the countless ways it can be used.

Ars Electronica

What is the Ars Electronica?

Art, technology, society. Since 1979, the Ars Electronica has been looking for connections and overlaps, for causes and effects. The ideas that are processed here are innovative, radical, eccentric in the best sense. They influence our lives, every day.

The festival as a test environment, the Prix as a competition for the best minds, the center as a year-round presentation and interaction platform and the Futurelab as a research and development cell stretch out their feelers towards science and research, art and technology. These 4 pillars of the Ars Electronica inspire each other and test visions in a unique creative cycle – an entangled organism that is constantly reinventing itself.

Before the first evening event, all hosted buyers can experience digital innovation in the deep space of the Ars Electronica Center.

Pre-tour for hosted buyers will be on Thursday, September 17, 2020 from 3 pm to 6 pm.

voestalpine Stahlwelt

World of Discovery

Our world is built on steel. From cutlery to automobiles, from razor blades to skyscrapers, from tools to Mars rockets, from railroad tracks to motorway bridges: steel shapes our everyday lives, makes life easier, and moves us forward. Steel connects continents, countries and people. The possibilities and areas of application of high-quality steel products are far from exhausted.

Steel adventure
Voestalpine manufactures, processes and develops steel worldwide into high-quality products and innovative solutions. We invite you to visit voestalpine Stahlwelt to learn more about steel and the countless possibilities of its processing. Discover the fascinating world of steel. Discover the voestalpine steel world.

The evening in the steel world is the first opportunity for all exhibitors and hosted buyers to get to know new contacts.

The opening evening can be attended by all participants on Thursday, September 17th, 2020 at 7 pm.

Design Center Linz

More than just a location

The Design Center Linz is a multifunctional event location. The unique roof of 3,456 glass panels flood the interior with daylight, without allowing glare or warming from direct sunlight. With its versatile usage options and professional organization, it has earned an excellent reputation among organizers of congresses, trade fairs, galas, presentations, events and conferences. Numerous national and international projects have been implemented through the initiative of the Design Center.

The sales talks between hosted buyers and exhibitors take place in the Design Center Linz. Appointments can be made online in advance.

Schlossmuseum Linz

Upper Austria in one place

The Schlossmuseum Linz gives over 10,000 m² of exhibition space an extensive insight into the natural, cultural and art history of Upper Austria from the beginning of life to the 21st century.
The permanent exhibitions, in the historic castle as well as in the new south wing, are wide-ranging. They range from geological history to contemporary history and bear witness to diverse and extensive special areas.
The permanent exhibitions are flanked by a variety of special exhibitions on current international and regional, as well as cultural, natural and contemporary topics.

All hosted buyers come to know Upper Austria even better. The event takes place in the evening after the sales talks.

Evening program for hosted buyers and CVBs will be on Friday, September 18, 2020 at 7 pm.