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Vienna is located in the heart of Europe and is a very green city – about half of the city is covered by forests, grassland, parks and gardens.

Vienna‘s historic city centre ranks among the most beautiful historical cities in Europe. Numerous churches, palaces and parks contribute to the imperial flair of the Old Town. On the other hand, Viennese Art Nouveau has also brought forth unique places of interest. This mix of old and new, tradition and modernity is what gives Vienna its extra special flair.

Vienna is a paradise for art lovers. Over 120 museums and collections are open to the public, showcasing works of the highest calibre.

The city is also renowned as the world’s capital of music. It has been home to “Waltz King” Johann Strauss, “Prince of Song” Franz Schubert, Joseph Haydn and Ludwig van Beethoven, not to mention Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Enjoy an unrivalled selection of music – from opera and operettas to concerts and musicals – in Vienna, music is literally in the air!

Event Locations

Impressive meeting facilities in a concentrated area: 3 different convention centers, around 100 conference hotels and more than 150 impressive venues


A total of 439 hotels with 33,730 rooms including 100 conference hotels in different categories

22 5*-hotels with 4,248 rooms 168 4*-hotels with 15,817 rooms 165 3*-hotels with 8,875 rooms

84 2*/1*-hotels with 4,790 rooms

Insider's Tip

It takes 20 minutes to cross Vienna’s historic 1st district on food, excluding stops to admire the sights, The Vienna Prater is twice the size of Central Park in New York, Vienna’s public means of transport circle planet Earth 5 times each day, More than 15,000 events per year


More than 150 impressive venues, the majority of them located in the city center and within easy reach: Historic mansions & palaces, Museums & studios, Theaters, concert halls & opera houses, Contemporary venues & former industrial buildings, Clubs & bars

Service of the Vienna Convention Bureau

  • Neutral, non-profit, no members
  • Free services:
    • Hotel and location advice for events (over 50 participants)
    • Optioning of hotel room allotments
    • Interface to service providers in the city
    • Preparation of bid books and presentations
    • Organizing site inspections
    • Brochures, promotional films, photos and maps
    • Publication in the online meeting calendar






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